Cake Batter Waffle Love

So, this weekend we decided to try something that one of our idols Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Mag, did: Cake batter waffle. Like, waffles made out of cake batter. We already knew Tavi is genius but this is further proof. The waffles cooked in like, 30 seconds and BOOM! cake. tasty, easy, perfect, waffle-cakes. here is our photo diary of the life changing experience…


When the first waffle came out, we were like this. Happy, blurry, ecstatic.


Then we posed real cute in pure excitement.


I put on another waffle…


… and here’s what it looked like! Ooh la la!!!


Taking a taste.

ImageKate, cracking me up again.Image

Aaaand, finally, we kissed the cake mix box just for good measure. Image

The end!

xoxo, Maya

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