Leila + Maya’s Baking Tips


#1: Use bananas (we recommend at least two) to weight down parchment paper before you put the batter into the pan. It’s genius. ***To make thing interesting, just pour the batter on top of the banana to make banana brownies/(whatever you are making that involves batter) with the peel. Yumerz.


#3: Take pictures.


#4: Make be-a-utiful faces out of your food.


#5: Eat the beaters cause they taste good. Not the metal part, just the stuff on them.


Apparently bananas are a theme. Dang, I really wish I could use a banana emojicon right now.


#6: Take yo self seriously and you will go far in your baking endevors. This is my serious face.  Practice your, okay man?


***#7: You can just put the eggs in whole, like this. The shells totally melt off with heat.


And thats all… go bake! Nothing can stop ya now!

xoxo, Maya

***Disclaimer: Do not use this tip. Your food will taste like something bad if you do. You knew that, just making sure we don’t get sued because multiple people choked on eggs shell and banana peels that they baked into their food.

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