How to Make Fake Polaroids

Happy Spring Break! This is a week of amazing memory making, and I’m here to offer you a totally awesome way to preserve those memories- fake polaroids. If you’re like me and love that old look of a polaroid picture but don’t have a polaroid camera, then this is for you. 

1) First, download these polaroid templates from Fuzzimo.


There are 17, and they all look something like this (but with unique smudges and wrinkles).

(I used Gimp for these next parts but you could probably use something else)

2) Open one of the templates in Gimp. 

3) In another Gimp page, open a photo. The photo will eventually need to be cropped and scaled into a square, so pick one that won’t get messed up when you do this. I make all of my polaroids using pictures I take with Hipstamatic (a great iPhone camera app!!) and this works really well because the filters provide a kind of vintage, washed out look and the pictures are squares so they perfectly fit the polaroid templates. 



4) Then, copy your photo and paste it onto the polaroid template (into the black space in the middle). Use the scale tool to fit the photo to the size of the blank space.


5) Now, all you have to do is save your masterpiece and print it out on photo paper (you might have to cut it out- when I did mine, the polaroid didn’t fill the whole page of photo paper). 

6) Enjoy your faux polaroids! 



xoxo, Leila


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