‘Ello! We are 3 teenage girls living in a rainy corner of Washington state. Though our town may be small, we still find many things to entertain ourselves with. The three of us have been best friends since kindergarten, and our girly friendship hasn’t changed a bit since then (except for the fact that some of us wear a little less pink).

And now, some fun fun author bios:

Leila: Some people know me as Leila Danger-sideache M. My unique middle name was given to me by concerned friends when they found out about my lack of one, and I’d say that they did a pretty spot-on job: I definitely live a life full of danger. I love to play cello and piano, attempt cooking and baking projects (quesadillas are hard, people). I love experimenting with art, and keep my drawing skills sharp by rigorously doodling on any paper I can get my hands on (math journal, you best watch out). The “Sideache” in my middle name comes from my passion for running, an activity that me and my friends love. We also love dancing like nobody’s watching, baking cupcakes in bikinis while listening to heavy metal, and starting to make movies that will undoubtedly go unfinished (that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on being the next Wes Anderson!). I hope you (the person who so thoughtfully read the about page) will enjoy this blog!

Kate: At first glance, some people see me as the “quiet” blonde girl with no sense of adventure. I am quite the opposite and, in fact, a dedicated adrenaline junkie. I absolutely love activities such as hard-core skiing, waterskiing, tubing at very high speeds with friends, and of course, plunging off of high objects. These previously include a dock by the bay, a tree or two, and a 40-foot cliff. You could also say that I’m obsessed with running; I do it on my own and with my friends, and we all LOVE it! (High school XC here I come? Hopefully?) Of course, to get my music dose, I play violin along with my cello friend Leila. I like to name things, so my violin has a name: Coco. I don’t know where that came from. I’m also an art geek, (watercolors, pencil, pastel, whatever’s extroirdinary) a part-time chef, an animal lover, a “Just Dance” master, and a photo-shoot fenatic. My life ambition is to do something that matters, to do something to be remembered by. What’s the point if you can’t make an impact? I want to help the world, because the painful happenings going on today just won’t stop buzzing around my mind. But for now, life is not only about helping others, but having an amazingly awesome time in the process ! I hope you love our blog. More good stuff is to come. Tot ziens! (That’s Dutch)

Maya: Hi there! I’m maya. I love to run, bake, try new things and make messes. My true love is photography. I hope you enjoy this blog!




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